• GIZOMOS GP-26C4 Carbon Tripod with GHP-30D Ball Head for Camera

    * 360 degree panoramic ball head
    * Legs reversible for portability
    * Triangle center column locking system,easy to operate。
    * Short center column (included) for macro and low angle shooting.
    * 2 different leg angles for ground level shooting
    * Excellent patented design

    Tripod GP-26C4
    Model: GP-26C4
    Leg sections: 4
    Weight: 1.14kg
    Max load: 8kg
    Material: Carbon fibre
    Max Leg tube size: 26mm
    Folded height: 390mm
    Min height: 380mm
    Max height: 1445mm
    Nomal height: 1215mm
    Ball head GHP-30D
    Model: GHP-30D
    Diameter: 30mm
    Height: 95mm
    Weight: 233.5g
    Max load : 8kg
    Mounting screw: 3/8
    Quick release plate screw: 1/4
    Bottom diameter: 35mm

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  • GIZOMOS G-148 Lightweight Tripod for Camera

    Product Highlights:
    * Light weight, Slim 5-section legs (Mini/1-section legs ).
    * Payload up to 6kg/13.2lbs.
    * Telescope locking system,easy to open and close.
    * Leg Foot Rubber for steadiness on variety of ground conditions.
    * Made of high quality aluminum alloy.
    * Tripod carrying case is included.

    * Model: G-148
    * Leg sections: 5
    * Weight: 0.9kg
    * Max load: 3kg
    * Material: Aluminum
    * Folded height: 340mm
    * Min height: 140mm
    * Max height: 1380mm
    * Normal height: 1150mm

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